Wednesdays with Wrigley: A lot happens in one month

Wednesdays with Wrigley puppy This series covers my first puppy, Wrigley, and any lessons I learn as I raise him. Find him on Instagram @puppywrigley.

I got Wrigley at the beginning of February at the age of 2 months, when his little one-pound self could fit in one hand. He just reached 4 months last week, and now requires two hands and a bit of muscle to carry. A lot has changed since his first night home, when I woke up every hour to comfort him when he cried.

Wednesdays with Wrigley puppy Each month that passes has me comparing pictures from the one before it, and I’m always amazed by the transformations. I’m sure anyone with an actual child understands that feeling. It’s got me thinking even more about a subject that’s been on my mind lately: the precious commodity of time. I’m not sure what sparked it (quarter life crisis?), but lately I have been way more conscious of the limited time I have and how I fill it.

Wrigley has helped with this too. I don’t have much time to watch TV anymore. Between the time it takes to care for him and myself, I can easily wind up with a wasted day if I get distracted in between.

He’s also changed my sleep schedule. Gone are the days of sleeping too late or shutting off my alarm. I have up get up to feed him and let him out, so my day gets started a lot sooner and I’ve found I’m actually more productive in the morning.

Now even moreso I’ve got reminders prodding me- “Take this in, relish this moment.” It’s not about fighting the change, but recognizing it as it’s happening.

How do you think about time? Use the hashtag #wrigleywednesdays on Instagram or comment below. Want more of Wrigley? Follow him on Instagram @puppywrigley.


3 thoughts on “Wednesdays with Wrigley: A lot happens in one month

  1. Wrigley is so cute. I love his tummy. It reminds me of my first puppy, Casey. A dog or puppy certainly can change someone’s life, but in mi opinion, its always for the best. I’m a morning person, and before I got my first dog I used to get up early and head for the gym, come back home, have breakfast, take a shower and go to work. Nowadays the gym has been replaced by a long walk with my dogs. Well, the first 20 minutes with Alex, my 12 year old pit mix, and then back home. Then I go out again with Bella for about 40 minutes more. I love it. Yes, just like you I’ve learned that time is a precious commodity and that is thanks to my dogs. I love the changes a dog can bring into someone’s life. The best to you and Wrigley:-)

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