Wednesdays with Wrigley: I am not ready for kids

Wednesdays with WrigleyThis series covers my first puppy, Wrigley, and any lessons I learn as I raise him. Find him on Instagram @puppywrigley.

Having a puppy is a lot of responsibility. I knew it would be, but it’s gone beyond my expectations. It’s been a lot more rewarding than I thought it would, but it’s also proved to be a lot more challenging and time-consuming as well.

As I woke up every three hours throughout the night the first two weeks I had Wrigley, all I could think of was how similar it was to having a baby. Every time he whined during the day because he wanted attention and I had to set aside my work and tend to his needs, I thought about how similar he was to a toddler. When I took my eyes off him for a second and he chewed up my shoe laces or peed all over the floor, I thought of how he was just as poorly behaved as an actual child.

That said, Wrigley has gotten a lot better. I don’t have to hover over him anymore. He sleeps through the night. All of this in just a few months. But if he were a real kid and not a dog?

Not a chance. I’d still be spinning in circles trying to care for him. Kids grow up a little slower than dogs.

And that’s how I know I’m definitely not ready for one.

If I did have a kid, I’m sure I’d be writing a weekly series on that instead. I’d love that little person, even if I were fed up at times.

But man am I glad I have a puppy and not a child. (Though you’d never know it. I mean look at this little baby!)

Wednesdays with Wrigley

Back in my younger, naive years, I used to think I’d want to have kids by 23, 25…young enough so I’d still have the energy to play with them and secure my chance to see their children grow up.

Now, at nearly 26, I’m thinking I’ll be surprised if I have any children by 30. And I’m completely okay with that. I sort of knew this before Wrigley, but he completely convinced me of it. So thanks, little buddy. You’re enough of a challenge and a companion for me right now.

Has your dog made you realize anything about your life decisions? Post on Instagram with the hashtag #wrigleywednesdays or comment below. Can’t get enough Wrigley? Follow him on Instagram @puppywrigley.


2 thoughts on “Wednesdays with Wrigley: I am not ready for kids

  1. daniellarenee2468 says:

    My pup Cody (who was originally named Wriggly!) has brought similar revelations. Working through a host of reactivity issues has been character building but challenging. I’ve realized I didn’t know what I was getting into when I adopted him. I’ve realized my own shortcomings. And I’ve made peace with the choice that I’m not interested in parenthood.

    Cool Aunt Daniella who’s always up for a trip to Disneyland? Now that’s something I can get behind.

    • Leah says:

      That’s awesome! I’m still debating kids, truthfully. Super nice to have a sort of easier trial run with a dog. Thanks for sharing!!

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