Wednesdays with Wrigley: My constant companion

Wednesdays with WrigleyI think my favorite thing about being a dog owner is that I always have a buddy. I don’t always want one, but it’s great to know that if I have some work to do on the computer, he’s right by my side, or even under my chair.

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Wednesdays with Wrigley: The decision to neuter

Wednesdays with WrigleyThe other week I took Wrigley to the Spay & Neuter clinic here in Charlotte for his neutering surgery. It was a tough decision and I wrestled with it for awhile. In the end I sucked it up and dropped him at the clinic for 8 hours.

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Experience your city for free with secret shopping

Experience your city for free with secret shoppingOne of the coolest things I’ve ever stumbled across is secret shopping. Believe it or not, businesses will actually pay a company to have people come in, order food and drinks, and provide feedback on their experiences. Sometimes the payment is only compensation for the meal; sometimes you can make a little extra cash for your efforts.

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Conquer your city before you leave it

Conquer your cityAfter I graduated high school in Ohio, I was so ready to pack up and move to Chicago for college. After three years in Chicago, I was ready for the next big thing. A semester in Maine for a documentary photography program that had me there during negative temps in the winter left me longing for somewhere warm. I loved Phoenix but never felt like I got a chance to do everything before I left.

Each of these places I’ve missed along the way and there are parts I felt like I didn’t get to explore enough before it was time to leave. Now, in my current city of Charlotte, I’m determined to keep that from happening. I know this isn’t where I want to settle down, so I’ve got a bucket list in the works of things I need to experience before I leave. I hated it when I first got here, but I’ve been warming up to the city and I’m determined to bleed it dry before moving on.

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Wednesdays with Wrigley: Crazy dog lady

Wednesdays with WrigleyIt’s not much of a secret: I love my doggie. I blog about him. He has his own Instagram. I buy him toys and treats. I take lots of pictures of him. I talk about him to my friends and family. While I don’t do any of this stuff in excess (I hope!), it’s still made me wonder: Am I a crazy dog lady?

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